A picture album for my memory!!

JAPAN×ZAMBIA school project!!
samfya basic school

I started to export used cars to Africa!!
it must be excitement of my life!!

love & peace



- - -
Zambia Reunite!!


shoes shop


my student



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the trip was excitement!!

I convinced myself of it's my life !
i m going to be DR CONGO,ZAMBIA and TANZANIA again.
it s going to be everlasting my work !

I sold it to my customer .
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sushi boy
I m working at sushi bar for saving money !!
yhaa!! i wanna go to AFRICAsoon !!

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i had to feel nature

i caught big bass in awaji island!!

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yuki's life style 2

tiger fish vs physical education teacher yuki

cow vs colorful boy yuki

he makes beef from cow

and chicken

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kasanka national park
i went kasanka national park with igunas & zibilinas
we had a small tent for 3 persons
it was very cold season so we could not choose to sleep outside
igunas is 190 cm zibilinas is 180 cm !
me ! you know pretty fat!
it was too narrow to sleep for us but it s good memory.


morning fog

lost a way with zibilinas

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sports 1

構えは低いけど 彼は真剣にやってるから笑わないであげて。


hand hit ball  手打ち野球


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zambian life style 3


she is selling the fish

mother & love

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he is my watchman who is defending my house and school .
when i felt lonely, he was next to me.
when i went wrong, he encouraged me to try again.
i spent 2years3month with him every day.

i really wanna say
thank you and i love you

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zambian life style 2
it s  called Chibuku zambian traditional beer

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